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Our instructors deliver creative, freestyle movement sequences that are at once accessible and sophisticated, and encourage all students to take what they need in the way they move. Each and every instructor has a unique background and extensive understanding of both yoga and kinesiology, and teaches from a trauma-informed space. Our teaching is rooted in traditional yogic practices and includes inspiration from a wealth of different movement modalities. We use props, body weight and a lot of curiosity to drop in, connect and learn how to cultivate sustainable movement in every body.

Kathleen Engelhardt, Owner & Co-founder

With each chapter of life, Kathleen’s practice has evolved and transformed to support her life. From the post-college-disciplinary days of ashtanga to restful, to gentle prenatal practices all the way to deadlifting her own body weight, her commitment has persevered though the path has transformed again and again. Kathleen, a forever student, studied physical therapy at D'Youville college to enrich her understanding of the human body and it's nuances. School, particularly human developmental movement, transformed Kathleen's practice and teaching. Today, Kathleen teaches yoga-inspired movement through the lens of human biomechanics and kinesiology. Her curiosity and passion for movement guide her classes. Rooted in simple yet highly nuanced concepts, Kathleen's classes are artfully curated, intelligent and kind. In a word, her classes are an experience; a total mind and body experience.


Kathleen is at the helm of our 200 hour teacher training that is informed by her physical therapy practice and infused with the many movement facets that she studies.  Currently, Kathleen is geeking out over pain sciences and neuroplasticity, all things Polyvagal Theory and anything and everything that has to do with pelvic floor.  

Ashley Feneziani

As a competitive athlete in high school and college, Ashley's early days of yoga were searching for that same high that sports gave her, that would leave her sweaty and exhausted. Her practice has evolved over the years, as she used it as a way to reduce stress during grad school, then gradually came to understand the myriad benefits of yoga through her teacher training with Yogis in Service. She now approaches the mat as as space to explore the subtleties yoga has to offer, both physically and emotionally, helping her to approach life with less judgement and more connection. 

What keeps Ashley coming back to yoga time and time again is the multidimensional and interdisciplinary nature of the practice. With no end point or ultimate goal to her practice, Ashley uses yoga as a framework to keep her curious about how she lives, breathes, moves and interacts with those around her. When you take class with Ashley, expect her to cultivate a safe space to get quiet and listen to the little voice inside, the one that will tell you what you really need if you slow down enough to listen. Her classes are a space where all students can learn to trust that voice so that their yoga practice becomes transportable and long-lasting. As someone who resists routine, she also likes to offer a variety of ways to explore different aspects of who we are through the practice. No class is ever exactly the same, and she'll keep everyone on their toes in the sweetest way possible.

Off the mat, Ashley is a high school French teacher with a background in history and women's studies, and loves to travel. Her main reason for getting out and seeing the world is to learn about different languages and cultures as a way to seek an understanding of differences - and to realize that we are all far more alike than we are different. 

Cailee Januszkiewicz

A competitive high school athlete, Cailee came to yoga as a way to work through injury and quickly fell in love with all the possibility the practice held for her. She realized there was more on her yoga journey than just hitting the mat a few times a week, and in 2015 she completed East Meets West's 200-hour teacher training, kicking off her teaching adventure.

Cailee approaches movement with a sense of play and light-heartedness that encourages students not to take themselves too seriously. Her classes are a creative mix of mobility work and strength, with lots of room to play, explore and take exactly what you need.

Off the mat, you can find Cailee walking her pup, chilling with her fam or whipping up a delicious batch of pasta and sauce. 

Dana Watson

Dana believes that the practice of yoga can create a container to hold all aspects of a person. The mat is a sacred place – a place to feel strong, silly, broken, unsure, open, and everything else in between. Ultimately, it’s a place to just be. Dana has learned that movement helps us to peel back the layers of self and tune out static to directly connect to the small still voice inside – your grace and divine truth. 


Dana strives to create a space where you can come as you are and take what you need in that moment. In addition to intuitive vinyasa sequencing and getting your body flowing, her classes may include kundalini kriyas, singing mantras, pranayama, and meditation. Expect to always leave feeling grounded and with a little more ease in your breath. 


Dana took her 200-hour vinyasa yoga training at Pure West in NYC. She is also certified in Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga by Gurmukh at Golden Bridge in NYC and completed Gabrielle Bernstien’s Spirit Junkie Master Class (Level One). Some of her inspirations include: Kula, Laughing Lotus, Golden Bridge, Kia Miller, Danielle LaPorte, Gabrielle Bernstein, Glennon Doyle Melton and Brene Brown. 


Out of the studio, she has over 10 years of corporate communications experience working with top clients, such as, Merrill Lynch and Intel. She lives downtown with her husband and their baby girl, Ella. 

Hannah Alt

Over time, Hannah has fallen in love with all aspects of the practice of yoga - movement, play, exploration, and most recently the real internal work that can only be found when we’re truly ready to dig in, on and off the mat. Her yoga journey began simply as a way to move her body and get sweaty. Without an athletic background, Hannah was looking for a way to get moving and combat the long days of working at a desk. Right away, yoga felt like the fit she was looking for - it was accessible and offered her an hour to just get out of her head and move. Ever since that first day on the mat, Hannah has become obsessed with learning and trying to be active every day. When she’s not at the studio, her movement methods du jour are in the CrossFit gym lifting heavy things, riding her bike around Buffalo or playing fetch with her furry BFF Tess. Outside of the movement realm, you can usually find Hanna hiding away somewhere with a good book or belting Broadway show tunes in her car. 

When you take a class with Hannah, expect to move and grow right along with her. She works to provide you the tools to feel strong in your own skin, not just in yoga but in life. As a student and a member of the inaugural Love in Motion Teacher Training, her practice is constantly evolving and you can bet her classes will continue to evolve too.

Megan Malone

Megan comes by her love of movement honestly - her mom was a professional body builder, so Megan was lifting weights and taking names from an early age. She played sports and trained as a spin instructor before an injury kicked her off the bike and led her to the mat. She's married to a personal trainer and loves to move for movement's sake, and feels like when she is truly tapped into what her body needs, an indescribable shift happens that opens her heart and her mind and completely drops her into the experience. Megan's practice is ever-evolving, and she's come to realize that while a handstand party is still really fun, her primary motivation for movement is to be able to hold babies and puppies and laundry baskets until the day she dies.

A registered nurse, Megan's training comes from Baptiste Yoga and the LIM 200-hour teacher training. She loves to play and explore and takes a good amount of her movement inspiration from her new baby, Jack - the way he sees the world keeps her wondering and has taught her how important play is in her practice. Class with Megan is always an adventure. Students can expect to explore movement from a place of curiosity and play, to break out of their comfort zones and be guided on a wild movement ride that will leave them feeling just plain good and connected in their bodies. 

When Megan's not chasing after baby Jack, taking care of patients or exploring various movement modalities, you can probably find her nose buried in a book, chocolate bar in one hand, coffee in another. She loves to learn, and soaks up knowledge on all things whenever and wherever she can.

Rebekah Lutkoff

A forever student herself, Rebekah is humbled to provide a space for students to find their way, recognizing that we are all our own greatest teachers when we get quiet, get grounded and dig in. Her practice is committed to tuning into the more subtle movements of the physical body and using that attunement to drop in deeper, moving the body from an intuitive, organic space. Her classes reflect this practice and encourage all aspects of self-exploration through the lens of learning to be patient with, listen to and ultimately trust ourselves and our work.

Off the mat, Rebekah is a mom of three and a pediatric nurse practitioner. When she's not geeking out about yoga, you can find her adding a new tat to her rad ink collection, hanging with her family and friends and consuming massive amounts of coffee and comfort foods. 

Rebecca Mercurio

A perpetual student of anatomy and physiology, Rebecca has been working around the globe as a licensed massage therapist since 2005. A lifetime of travel and curiosity inform her work, and her love affair with yoga began in India in 1998. Living and studying in various ashrams, she spent the majority of her 20s standing on her head. She studied and was attuned to the traditional Usui and Karuna healing systems in Japan as a Reiki Master in 1999. While pregnant with her son, she trained under Gurmukh Kuar Khalsa at Golden Bridge NYC and became a Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga instructor in 2012. She recently moved back to her beloved hometown of Buffalo and after a four year hiatus from her personal practice, she re-energized and reconnected with the (non-pregnant) yoga community through a Flow Teacher Training at Evolation. Her practice continues to evolve with and inspire her life at every turn.


Bec holds a BA in Communications from Fordham University in addition to professional certifications in Essential Oils Therapy, Infant Massage Instruction, Infant CPR and is a DONA trained Birth Doula. She is fiercely dedicated to supporting women and their families through the powerful transformations of pregnancy and birth. 

Sue Watkins

Sue started practicing yoga in 2004 as a counterpoint to running long distances. She never thought that what she gained would be so little about physical benefits and so much about understanding herself. After years of practicing, Sue knew that teaching was in the cards for her, and with some impromptu yoga classes for friends and family under her belt, she realized that she could combine her love of yoga and her desire to teach. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2015 at East Meets West Yoga in Buffalo, NY. 

Sue's classes are intuitive and thoughtful, and will leave students with the full picture of what they're doing and why they're doing it. Expect to dive into the nitty-gritty of how your body works in a pose, and to work specific movements as preparation for broader movements to keep you feeling good both on and off the mat. 

In the "real world", Sue works as a process improvement specialist from 9-5. When she's not at work or on the mat, you can find her getting her hands dirty in her garden with the most delicious veggies, at the latest and greatest brewery, diving into a book or snuggled up with her cats.

Michelle Schwach

As a high school swimmer, Division 1 rower and avid runner, Michelle has always been dedicated to being on the move, but mostly in a competitive setting. After some injuries and a general feeling of disconnection, she needed something more sustainable for her mind and body. She came to find that yoga met those needs. Discovering the connection between mind and body in a way that was not competitive was compelling, but more importantly she found that yoga was giving her an appreciation and love for herself that had been missing. Diving into studies of the practice as a student, Michelle found she had no choice but to share this experience with others, and decided to become a teacher. Over the years, the ongoing discovery of what is possible in the practice, along with the community that yoga cultivates, has kept her coming back.


Off the mat Michelle is an attorney in Buffalo, working in Family Court. She loves running and being outdoors, and you can likely find her doing something fun with her son and husband. Michelle’s training comes from Baptiste Yoga and the Yogis in Service 200-hour training. Her classes are a mix of creative vinyasa with deep relaxation, designed to bring students into their bodies and gently guide them to consider what is possible in their practice if they don’t run away, aiming to cultivate unconditional love from themselves, to themselves.

Marie Phillips

A competitive athlete from a young age, Marie spent her childhood swimming and rowing, and grew those skills to become a nationally competitive elite level snowboarder. Through her athletic experiences, she found herself drawn to a major in Health Care Studies with a focus on strength, conditioning and wellness. This path pulled her to start exploring the more subtle movement of yoga, and she eventually got trained to teach Baptiste Yoga, followed by an advanced 300-hour training at Green Monkey Yoga in Vinyasa yoga (E-RYT 200 hr & RYT 500 hr). In addition to her vast asana knowledge, Marie's no stranger to movement and self care - she's a NASM certified personal trainer and certified in Reiki Healing Levels I & II, along with her most recent adventure, a certified Stand Up Paddle Yoga Teacher. 


In 2014, she started SUP Yoga Buffalo, bringing her passion for yoga and boards together. She splits her time teaching yoga and SUP yoga here in the Buff, and leading retreats and classes at her home-away-from-home, the RipJack Inn in Playa Grande, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. She uses yoga and SUP yoga as her outlets to get connected and give back to the world with an annual fundraiser called SUP for Pups. (When she's not on the mat or on a board, you can find her snuggled up with her adorable Pomeranian Sophia.) Marie brings a chill, good-vibes-only approach to her practice and her teaching, and you can expect her classes to move you, ground you and give you a whole lotta space to breathe.

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