Teacher Training 


At Love in Motion, we strive for excellence in Teacher education by collaborating with individuals who excel within  their scope of practice. Modern yoga is constantly evolving, growing and expanding. Our educational courses are progressive and practical, sophisticated and accessible.  From a foundational 200-hour yoga teacher training, to teacher mentorships and into advanced training courses, we have the information and application you need to get started on your journey towards teaching or to enhance your teaching toolbox.  


Teaching yoga is more than a job - it is a lifestyle and lifelong practice.  We hit bumps in the road where our inspiration seems depleted or we encounter complicated students that contribute to us doubting our skills.  We are creating a network and community for yoga teachers to continue to pursue their curiosity and quest for more knowledge. At the heart of our mission, we hope to encourage yoga instructors to work within their own scope of practice and feel fully confident in their ability to refer, educate and support their students.  We are important advocates in our students well-being.  While we have much to offer, yoga is one piece of the puzzle.  


Although a quiet practice that involves deep internal work, yoga (to us) is about community.  Welcome to our community - we hope you will enjoy the journey as much as we do.