kathleen engelhardt, owner & founder

With each chapter of life, Kathleen’s practice has evolved and transformed to support her life. From the post-college-disciplinary days of ashtanga to restful, gentle prenatal practices all the way to deadlifting her own body weight, her commitment has persevered though the path has transformed again and again. Kathleen, a forever student, studied physical therapy at D'Youville college to enrich her understanding of the human body and its nuances. School, particularly human developmental movement, transformed Kathleen's practice and teaching. Today, Kathleen teaches yoga-inspired movement through the lens of human biomechanics and kinesiology. Her curiosity and passion for movement guide her classes. Rooted in simple yet highly nuanced concepts, Kathleen's classes are artfully curated, intelligent and kind. In a word, her classes are an experience; a total mind and body experience.

Kathleen is at the helm of our 200 hour teacher training that is informed by her physical therapy practice and infused with the many movement facets that she studies. Currently, Kathleen is geeking out over pain sciences and neuroplasticity, all things Polyvagal Theory and anything and everything that has to do with the pelvic floor.

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