emily palmerton, yoga instructor at love in motion in buffalo, ny

Updated: Jul 22

Emily began her yoga training as someone who is not very yogi. While she loves having a movement practice, being somewhat inflexible made traditional yoga uncomfortable and inaccessible.

When she began taking classes at LIM, she had a BS in exercise science, certifications in functional range systems, and a licensure in massage therapy under her belt. The use of propping and instruction helped her to feel the intended stimuli, tune into her body, and apply yoga to Olympic weightlifting, her current physical practice.

She completed the LIM YTT in 2020 and teaches a class that borrows elements of vinyasa practice while being rooted in functional movement and strength training. She has expanded her practice to include learnings from various courses in Kinstretch, postural breathwork, and trauma-informed care. You can expect an opportunity to explore and play on your mat and also learn how to activate some muscles you didn’t know you had!

Emily is studying now to become a Registered Dietitian with a desire to specialize in eating disorders and sports nutrition.

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