ashley feneziani, yoga instructor at love in motion in buffalo, ny

As a competitive athlete in high school and college, Ashley's early days of yoga were searching for that same high that sports gave her, that would leave her sweaty and exhausted. Her practice has evolved over the years, as she used it as a way to reduce stress during grad school, then gradually came to understand the myriad benefits of yoga through her teacher training with Yogis in Service. She now approaches the mat as as space to explore the subtleties yoga has to offer, both physically and emotionally, helping her to approach life with less judgement and more connection.

What keeps Ashley coming back to yoga time and time again is the multidimensional and interdisciplinary nature of the practice. With no end point or ultimate goal to her practice, Ashley uses yoga as a framework to keep her curious about how she lives, breathes, moves and interacts with those around her. When you take class with Ashley, expect her to cultivate a safe space to get quiet and listen to the little voice inside, the one that will tell you what you really need if you slow down enough to listen. Her classes are a space where all students can learn to trust that voice so that their yoga practice becomes transportable and long-lasting. As someone who resists routine, she also likes to offer a variety of ways to explore different aspects of who we are through the practice. No class is ever exactly the same, and she'll keep everyone on their toes in the sweetest way possible.

Off the mat, Ashley is a high school French teacher with a background in history and women's studies, and loves to travel. Her main reason for getting out and seeing the world is to learn about different languages and cultures as a way to seek an understanding of differences - and to realize that we are all far more alike than we are different.

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