Can Yoga Help with Infertility? Well...

While the direct research linking yoga and fertility is scarce, there is ample research to support that yoga can play a role in altering factors that might contribute to the experience of infertility. We are humbled to be working with Whole Nine Wellness and CNY of Buffalo to bring a speciality yoga class that serves people who struggle with infertility.

How can yoga assist in enhancing fertility?

1) Stress Management: Stress hormones, when out of balance, can shift the internal environment of our bodies. Our bodies might remain in a fight/flight or shutdown state, which is not an ideal setting for a growing human. In normal physiologic stress situations, when the stimulus or stressor is removed, we return to a healthy, safe and social, rest/digest mode. Without the ability to discharge our stress - our world is definitely hyper-stimulating and our daily amount of stress can really add up - we remain in a chronic state of stress. Stress impacts our body by contributing to clenching or tightening patterns, often in the abdominals or pelvic region. Stress also contributes to illnesses and has been linked to inflammation. Our bodies want to feel restored and healthy again; they want to feel safe and nourished. Yoga can help to replace patterns of gripping with more stable and dynamic patterns. Through focusing on our breath, gentle and safe movements, adequate and appropriate challenge to our tissues and restful practices, we can restore our nervous system to a healthy baseline.

2) Pelvic Floor & Abdominals: We live in a culture that loves tight and strong. Body types that are favored by the media include small waistlines and tightened, engaged abdominals. Our abdominals and pelvic floor muscles also need mobility in order to support our internal digestive and reproductive organs. Contrary to popular belief, tight does not equal strong. When it comes to our muscles, we want both length and strength. We need a balance of mobility and stability. Our exercise patterns can shift our menstrual cycles or stop them altogether because our nervous system perceives that our pelvis and abdominals are not in optimal positions to carry a baby. The LIM Yoga method of core work includes self myofascial release and mobility techniques to restore optimal length to the abdominals and pelvic floor muscles and release trigger points. In order to fully activate our cores (functionally), we need adequate motion first.

3) Community: No matter how isolated or ashamed we might feel throughout the process of conception, we cannot go it alone. We are inherently social beings and quite simply, we need each other. The medical environment can often feel impersonal and sterile even though pregnancy is such a deeply personal experience. While a yoga practice takes us deeper inside of ourselves, it also allows us to form heartfelt connections with like minded people in a loving environment. Our chemistry can shift when we establish supportive connections with others. As a woman (and mother owned business), Love in Motion is saturated in feminine and creative energy.

We are offering our 1st Yoga for Infertility class on 12/19/19 at 7:30 pm for $15. We look forward to offering regular weekly classes in 2020.

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