michelle schwach, yoga instructor at love in motion in buffalo, ny

As a high school swimmer, Division 1 rower and avid runner, Michelle has always been dedicated to being on the move, but mostly in a competitive setting. After some injuries and a general feeling of disconnection, she needed something more sustainable for her mind and body. She came to find that yoga met those needs. Discovering the connection between mind and body in a way that was not competitive was compelling, but more importantly she found that yoga was giving her an appreciation and love for herself that had been missing. Diving into studies of the practice as a student, Michelle found she had no choice but to share this experience with others, and decided to become a teacher. Over the years, the ongoing discovery of what is possible in the practice, along with the community that yoga cultivates, has kept her coming back.

Off the mat Michelle is an attorney in Buffalo, working in Family Court. She loves running and being outdoors, and you can likely find her doing something fun with her son and husband. Michelle’s training comes from Baptiste Yoga and the Yogis in Service 200-hour training. Her classes are a mix of creative vinyasa with deep relaxation, designed to bring students into their bodies and gently guide them to consider what is possible in their practice if they don’t run away, aiming to cultivate unconditional love from themselves, to themselves.

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