class descriptions

let's move

love in motion flow

Our signature class, LIM flow has its roots in vinyasa-style movement (the word "vinyasa" simply meaning "flow"), with the goal of moving, and moving GOOD. It shifts beyond the confines of traditional yoga cueing and poses, with lots of movement and creative sequencing using blocks, bands, belts, body weight, the wall, the floor - whatever will enhance the movement practice of the day. The journey begins with embodiment and ends with bliss (like any yoga class), with a lot of exploration and curiosity along the way. Each instructor will infuse breath and movement with their own unique style of teaching. This class welcomes all movers, with a strong emphasis on stability work and mobilizing from a centered space.

LIM slow flow

Our LIM slow flow is perfect for all levels, with simple sequences that link movement and breath in an intelligent, accessible way. Expect to ease into the class with stretching and movements that prepare you for a breath-based slow flow, then close with stabilizing, introspective poses. This class moves at a pace that allows you, the student, to explore the way you move more deeply without feeling the need to hustle and keep up with a faster-paced class. Whether you’ve just graduated from intro and aren’t quite ready for a traditional LIM flow class, or you’re a seasoned yogi who wants to dial it back a bit, this practice will get you grounded, present and connected in the chillest way possible.

LIM recover

"Recover": to return to a normal state of health, mind or strength. This class is all about getting back to baseline, unwinding from all the stuff we put our bodies through on a daily basis - hard exercise, sitting, standing, walking, running, lifting, living. Expect to stretch, stabilize, release, strengthen and recover in this class. We'll mix traditional restorative yoga poses with foam rollers, tennis balls, blocks, blankets and dowels, among other props. Class rounds out with a long savasana so you step off the mat feeling balanced, grounded and restored. Suitable for all levels of practice. No prior yoga experience necessary.

LIM flow + resistance

Playing within the framework of our signature LIM flow style, this class adds in some extra resistance by using stretchy bands, sandbags, kettle bells and more. Through a combination of therapeutic exercises and fluid yoga-inspired movements, the added resistance will provide us with opportunities to stabilize various ranges, gain external feedback and efficiently harness that sweet balance between mobility and stability. We will gain insight into various yoga poses through their composite joint actions and movement prerequisites, keeping our joints nourished and healthy and our time on the mat sustainable throughout our lives. 


LIM flow for cyclists

Our signature LIM flow classes are taking on a twist geared toward all y'all who hit that saddle and pedal the town on the regular. In this class, students can expect 45 minutes of traditional LIM flow, geared toward supportive movement to compliment the way you ride. (Think strength and mobility work in the lower body and upper body stability to support your position on the bike.) Then it's 30 minutes to work all the good stuff out - everything from foam rolling, tennis balls, straps, and lots of sweet, restorative release targeted right at those muscles you work the most. While this class is geared toward cyclists, it's open to any and all movers and levels of experience. It's a dynamic conversation, and the instructor will take feedback from the class to construct a movement practice that compliments cyclists of any level, whether you're a road warrior, spend your time riding singletrack, a serious spinner, or just like to cruise your commute.

Khalsa Way: Prenatal Yoga *pre-registration required for this class*

Khalsa means "pure" in Gurmukhi. This practice was developed by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and based on Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. It is not a modified yoga practice, rather very specific "birth yoga" designed to support a woman throughout her nine months of pregnancy as she experiences the enormous physical, emotional and spiritual changes that prepare her to create and welcome another human being into the world. This class also takes the time to discuss child birth education and community cultivation, with lots of opportunity to talk through these topics woven into the practice.