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about love in motion

love in motion is a yoga & movement studio in buffalo, ny

Welcome to love in motion. We offer classes that are inspired by the breath-centered fluidity of yoga and informed by therapeutic movement.  Our mission is to offer a safe space for our students to deepen their own awareness of self through their physical body.  

We aim to bridge the gap between therapy and fitness; movement and exercise.  Each one of us plays many roles in our community - as athletes, parents, workers, movers, activists - and we need our bodies to support us throughout our days. Our instructors integrate their many expertise into their yoga instruction and teach from a highly holistic perspective.  


Through our creative sequencing and play-based approach, we advocate for safe, healthy and thoughtful movement.  Moreover, we advocate for each and every person who walks through our doors to feel both pleasure and joy in their body through their movement practice.  

Check out our many speciality courses curated by local experts as well as our drop in classes led by our array of exceptionally talented instructors.  

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